Bargain Corner Sale!

December 8, 2010

New fabric is coming soon, which means the bargain corner needs some more room for new additions.   So come by and stock up on some good bargains!    Beginning Thursday, December 9th  through December 24th in the Bargain Corner:

  • All regular cotton fabric $2.50/yd
  • All flannel $3.75/yd
  • Half yard cuts $1.25 each

The bolts are not marked, since this is a temporary sale.   You will receive the sale price at the cash register.  Minimum one yard cuts please.   No punch card punches for this fabric. 


When selecting the backing for your quilt, think about the color of thread you will be using to quilt with.  It’s always best to use the same color thread in your top and bobbin.  You can get away with using a different color in the top and bobbin if they aren’t too different.  If you plan to use a light-colored thread on top, its best to have a light-colored backing; and if you plan to use a darker thread on the top, its best to have a darker colored backing.  As an example, this is a beautiful quilt I just finished quilting:  


The quiltmaker had planned on using a white backing, and she also wanted dark red thread on the quilt top.   However she wanted white thread on the white backing, not dark red.  Using a dark red thread on the quilt top and a white thread in the bobbin creates a big problem….. lots of  little red dots of thread coming through on the white backing.   The solution to this problem was to change the backing to a busy red print, so that the thread color was not an issue on the backing. 

Another thing to think about before making a quilt is how you are going to quilt it.  If you make a quilt like the one above with highly contrasting colors and you want it quilted with an overall design you are either going to have dark red thread on the white parts of your quilt, or you’re going to have white thread on the red parts of your quilt.  If that really bothers you, your only other option is to have it custom quilted (which is very costly if  you are taking your quilt to a longarm machine quilter like me).



  1. Do you have a thread that is clear or near clear like pale grey. would it show less?

    • Invisible thread would work if you don’t mind invisible thread. But a pale grey would have been too light on this quilt.

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