Christmas Specials

December 17, 2010

Now through December 24th:

  • 20% Off Moda Jelly Rolls, Layer Cakes & Scrap Bags

 (Jelly Rolls & Layers Cakes $28.00; Scrap Bags $9.60)

  • 20% Off Fat Quarter Bundles

  • Free Fat Quarter with every $20 purchase 

(example: spend $60 and get 3 free fat quarters)

Omnigrid Foldaway  $29.95 (was $39.95)  

  • Convenient size for a variety of work spaces.   Side-by-side 12in x 18in gridded cutting mat and 12in x 18in non-stick pressing surface. 
  • Folds easily in half. 
  •  Tabbed closure and handles for carrying.  
  • Great for classes and travel.

Clover Mini Iron II  $26.00  (was $34.95) 

  • The adapter tip can be changed to suit a variety of purposes such as quilting, sewing, floral, crafting, doll making and paper crafting. You can use many different iron tips (sold separately).
  • When holding the fabric the safety shield will help protect your fingers from burns by preventing the fingers from touching the shaft.
  • Ideal for pressing small and delicate pieces, like applique.
  • Perfect for classes, small projects and traveling.   


  1. Pam, your blog is really nice and I appreciate you thinking of me…hope to bring some of the guild down when this weather clears up. Merry Christmas

  2. AWESOME DEALS!!!! What are you trying to do,, get me in VERY BIG TROUBLE????

    • I wouldn’t want to get you in trouble Cindey! 🙂

      • Bill has now seen this and says “yeah, right” hohoho

  3. By the way, check how the reply fields are set-up. It gets me every time. the blocks are not lined up with the info requested and I forget to put my name and have to re-enter reply. thank you.

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