New Year’s Quilting Resolutions

January 2, 2011

Happy New Year to you all!   My new year’s resolution (besides going back to eating healthy and exercising) is to finish a quilt I started last year while I was spending weeks at the hospital with my dad.   I never thought I would hand piece anything, but I actually enjoyed it.  It gives a not-so-patient person something to accomplish while sitting and waiting.   I made about 70 six-pointed stars while waiting.  Now I need to add the tan background diamonds around the stars before I can join them all together.  Here’s a picture of a few of them on my design wall (just ignore the light blue quilted design wall showing in the background):


My dad passed away on September 27th, and this quilt will always remind me of all the time I spent with him in 2010.   I should probably finish the quilt by hand quilting, but since I do want it done in my lifetime I will probably machine quilt it!   

Owning a quilt shop and being a longarm machine quilter unfortunately doesn’t leave me much time to quilt for myself or others like I used to.  But at least I get to work with quilts every day and be around others who love them as much as I do!   I wouldn’t want to do anything else.   The only quilt I actually finished in 2010 was for my mother & father-in-law’s  50th anniversary (which was in April 2009).   I volunteered to make them a simple lap sized signature quilt (signed by all the people at their anniversary party).    However after the party my mother-in-law wanted to know if I could make it queen sized instead!!!   No problem….  except for an extreme lack of time!   I modified Terry Atkinson’s Monterrey Medallion pattern to incorporate the signature blocks and over a year later I finished it.  

So, what’s your biggest quilting accomplishment of 2010, and what’s the most significant quilt you want to finish in 2011?   I’d love to hear your stories, now that you’ve heard mine!



  1. I have only been quilting for 5 years and only machine quilted a few small simply quilts. My biggest accomplishment is having 4 of my tops quilted by a longarm quilter so saving my money so I could afford that was huge. I also was brave enough to enter a quilt in a show and took 2 place which my husband talked me into entering because I didn’t think I was good enough for a judged show.In 2011 I hope to get some of these projects I have started finished including the Christmas presents/projects I didn’t get made for this year. I plan on keeping on my diet and exercisng which helps my bad knee which allows me to stand and cut my projects out.. Happy Quilting

  2. Forgot to say both quilts are beauitful I see some of my favorite fabrics in your hand pieced quilt both are really nice.

  3. My only goal is to finish 3 quilt kits in my cabinet that have been there as long as 6 years. Please, Pam, have time to quilt them for me this year.

  4. My first hand-pieced was started at Rocky Mount Historic Site in Piney Flats over 20 years ago. I started as a volunteer, and then became a person of the time on the tour. Just like you, I couldn’t stand to just sit and wait for the next tour, but we could only work on something truw to the time we represented (1790). I tried a few different things, but realized hand sewing was my fondness. I knew almost mothing about quilts, but had always admired the beauty of a Lone Star. I made a template by math dividing a circle into 8 wedges, then choose the length of the side without any idea how large to make the piece or if it would ever get done, how large it would end up. 16 wedges later, and then many years later until they were joined and set with white, it is king-sized and finally being hand quilted. Just like you, I figured it might never get finished if I hand-quilted it, so Mary Price ia now working on it for me. She is soooo talented and loves handquilting. I suggest you consider her so your quilt gets finished, too. Happier year ahead, with my prayers for you and your family. Love ya.

  5. Beautiful quilt. I have only very recently started to hand quilt and started with a pillow top that my mother had. I actually started in before her death on June 11; and, like you, worked on it while sitting and caring for her. My immediate goal is to finish this one and do a second one (there were two identical pillow tops) for my sister.

    • It’s nice you have the quilt as a tangible memory of your father. It will surely always comfort you.
      2010 was my 3rd year quilting. I accepted the Appalachian Arts Center Quilt Challenge & won 1st place in the Novice Category. The theme was “Four” & photos can be seen on the Arts Center website. My 84 year old neighbor hand quilted this for me. She babysat my daughter, Jessica, from 1974 until 1984.

      My goal for 2011 is to complete the “Women’s Voices” Civil War Era quilt. I have 6 blocks completed. With my Quilted Blessings Gift Card prize, I plan to buy the sashing for this quilt. Thanks Pam & Happy New Year To All.

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