New Fabric: Newbury & Meadow Garden

January 13, 2011

Newbury by Blank Quilting, with free pattern download: 

Click on pictures for close-ups.

Newbury, by Blank Quilting



Meadow Garden by Blank Quilting with free pattern download:


Meadow Garden by Blank Quilting



Strip Therapy 6, Bali Pop Fascination:

Brenda Henning’s  latest book in the Strip Therapy series includes patterns for six quilts that use 2 1/2″ strips.   She uses Bali Pops, but you could use any jelly roll strips or cut your own.   (Price $20)

Here are pictures of the other five patterns in the book:

Cassini has a very modern look - masculine and geometric.

Curved Log Cabin puts a whole new twist on Trip Around the World

Electric Fan is striking and simple - a perfect pattern to explore color

Spinning looks complicated but is easy to piece with stripped units.

Seeing Stars will make any room sparkle!



Friday and Saturday (Jan 14-15) are the last days for you to take advantage of the $5.50/yd sale (and $2.50/yd in Bargain Corner).  Don’t miss out  — it may be awhile before this sale returns!   


Quilting Tips:

It’s Flannel Season, so here are some tips from designer Jean Ann Wright on how to quilt with flannels successfully. 

  • Select flannels manufactured especially for quilting. They usually have a tighter weave than flannels produced for sleepwear and other end uses.
  • Pre-wash your flannels – they will shrink! To safely calculate your yardage for a project, base your cutting plans on a yard reducing to 33″, and the width (from selvedge to selvedge) reducing to 40″.
  • After pre-washing, flannels will be soft and wrinkled. Use a heavy duty spray starch or fabric sizing as you press your flannels to restore them to a crisp, firm fabric for sewing.
  • Flannels sew up into bulky seams. Avoid quilt patterns with triangles, and keep the number of small pieces to a minimum as well. Look for a quilt pattern with large squares and rectangles; there are hundreds to choose from online, and in books and magazines.
  • Machine quilting is recommended for flannel quilts. The fabrics are heavier and difficult to stitch through by hand.
  • Cotton batting in a medium or low loft weight works best in a flannel quilt. Wool batting also works well and will add extra warmth.
  • Flannel fabrics make the best backing fabric for a flannel quilt.
  • Another backing option for flannel quilts is fleece, which eliminates the need for the batting altogether as the loft of the fleece acts as both batting and backing.

One comment

  1. Thanks Pam,the information on flannel fabric is something I can use,and the new fabrics are beautiful.

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