Free Quilt Pin

February 23, 2011

Come on in and get a FREE QUILT PIN with every purchase of $20 or more…. while they last!

New Fabric:

Seems like Christmas was just last week, and yesterday I ordered new Christmas fabric to start arriving in May through July!   Ordering new fabric is a major ordeal for me.   I know what I like, but trying to figure out what you might like is a guessing game…. one I hope to get better at with time!   It continues to amaze me all the fabric there is to choose from.   The newest arrivals in the shop are Moda’s Buttercup and Northcott’s Flirtation.   They remind me that spring is coming in just a few weeks!

Buttercup by Fig Tree Quilts for Moda

Flirtation by Ro Gregg for Northcott

Primitive Muslin designed by Primitive Gatherings  for Moda has also just arrived.  It’s top quality Moda fabric that looks tea stained to coffee stained.  In the near future it will be coming out in 108″ widths.



  1. Pam, do you have any Easter fabric with rabbits or eggs? Need a childrens print to make placemats.

  2. oh my goodness!! just when I had promised myself (again), not to buy any more fabric…. these are beautiful. Save me a pin.

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