The final fabric markdown!

April 13, 2012

MOVING:  I have decided to move the shop on April 30th across from the Airport.  The new address is:  3080 Hwy 75, Blountville, TN.  The phone number will remain the same (323-7700).   The shop is next to the Trading Post, which is across from the Johnson City end of the runway.

FINAL FABRIC MARKDOWN! About 25% of the inventory remains to be sold.  In order to sell the rest of the fabric quicker, all the fabric that is not in the front room (with a green star) will now be $3.00/yd, or $2.75/yd if you empty the bolt.  The fabric that remains in the discount room, which has been $1.75 or $2.75/yd, will be $0.25/yd less if you empty the bolt.  The newer fabric in the front room will remain at 50% off, or 60% off if you empty the bolt.  All remaining books, patterns, notions and thread are still 50% off the lowest price.  THIS IS THE FINAL FABRIC MARKDOWN!  I will move whatever is left….. but would much rather you buy it!! 🙂 

EMBROIDERY THREAD:  If you are interested in the Presencia embroidery floss, you can take the entire cabinet full (about 950 pieces) at 75% off, or $0.19/each and I will give you the cabinet for free!   Depending on the exact number of floss left, it should be about $180.00 for the whole thing.

SHELVES:  If anyone is interested in shelving, there are still quite a few available for sale beginning at $25 for a four-tier shelf that is two feet wide.


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  1. Do you sell anything online, I’m looking for the meadow garden brownish orangish leaf print and can’t find it anywhere.. You are the first I’ve found with the picture of what I need.. I’m in Crossville, tn, and am curious how to obtain some of this fabric.. Thank You…

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